Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre

Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre
Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre
  • Program: Residential + Commercial
  • Size: 37,500 m2
  • Units: 534 Apartments
  • Status: Building permit has been issued
  • Architect: Arkitema

In 2015, Gefion Group bought the Rødovre Stationscenter building site subject to final approval of a local plan for the area that allows construction at the site. The local plan is now approved and allows construction of residential and commercial units with a total floor area of up to 37,500 m2.

The project is a buy-to-let scheme that is expected to be sold to one or more institutional investors, either in its entirety or as groups of units.

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