Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre

Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre
Rødovre Stationsvej, Rødovre
  • Program: Residential + Commercial
  • Size: 37,500 m2
  • Units: 534 Apartments
  • Status: In progress
  • Architect: Arkitema

Rødovre Port is a 37,500 m2 residential and commercial project at Rødovre Station. The construction is started and will result in 534 apartments at affordable rental rates, 4,300 m2 of shops / offices as well as 700 bicycle parking spaces and basement parking for 200 cars.

 It will be a new urban area in Rødovre, which will receive up to 1,000 residents in the newly constructed 1-5 room apartments. Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division ("Goldman Sachs") entered into a partnership in 2019 with the Gefion Group on the construction of Rødovre Port, which over the last two years has been developed by Gefion Group.

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