Who we are

Gefion Group specializes in developing residential properties in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Through our large network and our business associates we find unique properties and sites that we develop and sell, either on our own or in collaboration with investors.

Our focus is on developing properties with untapped potential that can prove good investments. We develop all types of residential properties – freehold units, cooperative units, rental units, student units, detached houses and terraced houses. In addition to developing residential units, we develop retail and office units, although on a smaller scale and often in combination with housing projects.

We primarily develop properties with the intention of selling them, either under pre-sale contracts direct to end-users or to investors on buy-to-let basis.

Gefion Group was formed in 2013 on the initiative of Thomas W. Færch and Henrik Nissen. Before the formation of the company, the two founders had worked on property development projects for fifteen years. Thomas was a lawyer specializing in real property, while Henrik worked as a project developer. The establishment of Gefion Group marked the realisation of their long-standing wish to become partners. Both Henrik and Thomas are dedicated and dynamic by nature, and even within the short span of three years since formation, their individual skills and strengths have made their alliance a success in a rapidly growing business.

"Our greatest strength is our dynamic and professional approach to everything we do. Whenever we see an opportunity, we pursue it very quickly, generating an attractive project portfolio as well as good results."


Thomas W. Færch og Henrik Nissen

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