• Estate agent

    Gefion Group identifies project opportu-nities before anyone else. The time from idea to decision and action is short, which makes the entire process both simple and dynamic. Gefion Group is simply faster out of the blocks, which is a major advantage in today’s market.

    Alice Lotinga
    Project Director
    Danbolig Projektsalg
  • Lawyer

    Being a long-standing professional busi-ness partner with unique insight into the many financial and legal aspects of prop-erty development processes, Gefion Group remains at the forefront in the market. They are innovative and open-minded, as well as able to see things in new ways. This is a great source of inspiration for us in our strong working relationship.

    Søren Damgaard
    Lawyer and Partner
    Bruun & Hjejle
  • Architect

    When great aspirations meet creative forces, mutual understanding is necessary. In the case of Gefion Group we have ’spoken the same language’ from the beginning, and our working relationship is therefore founded in a common mindset, which results in smooth processes and powerful solutions.

    Claus Jørgensen
    Architect and Creative Director
    Holscher Nordberg
  • Architect

    Gefion Group is keen to tackle direct opportunities and proactively investigates even relatively complex development potential that may result in outstanding projects. This approach matches our field of work perfectly and makes our collabora-tion a challenge from a professional point of view, but also a great pleasure.

    Esben Thorlacius
    Architect MAA, Partner
    Over Byen Arkitekter
  • Architect

    We really enjoy working with Gefion Group. An important condition for achieving good results in a development and building process is a client who is both experienced and decisive, but also able to use the skills and competences of its consultants optimally. That is what we experience in our work with Gefion Group.

    Dorthe Keis
    Architect MAA
    Senior Partner, Arkitema
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