Our vision is to develop the best housing projects at the best locations.

We aim to generate substantial, stable return on investment for our investors and be a highly reputed, successful company.


Realizing our vision makes special demands on us. We are conscious about those demands and seek to meet them every day by being an attractive workplace for our employees, by developing and delivering good, appropriate high-quality buildings to our users and the local community, and by following a professional development procedure that ensures an outcome that is satisfactory for our investors and our partners alike.

Our first area of work was the conversion of office buildings and commercial properties into residential facilities, which turned out to be exactly what was needed in a market where such conversion was not totally unknown, but where we managed to systematise and professionalise the concept to such an extent that building conversion has become a niche market in its own right and we have become market leaders in Copenhagen.

Alongside our conversion projects we are involved in new builds comprising all kinds of residential units. We consider our skills in this area to be a special strength, and one that will play a predominant role in our company in the future.



We are passionate about what we do. We see it as one of our principal duties to share our energy, drive and commitment with our employees and partners every day and to be an inspiration in everything we do – for the benefit of everyone involved.


We care about our employees, their well-being and their aspirations. We believe an efficient back office is important to ensure successful performance by the company as a whole. We treat each other with respect and dignity, which creates a good working environment built on trust – both internally and externally.


We adopt a professional approach to all our projects and processes. Our long-standing experience in the field of property development has taught us what mechanisms to deploy to achieve optimal results, and this professional point of departure is very useful to us. 

We are good at identifying interesting and attractive projects before others, and we take pride in completing projects with the best possible fingerprint – and in completing them professionally and on time.  


Honesty at all stages of our development projects generates credibility, as it makes processes transparent and instils trust and confidence in our customers and partners, which we consider an important aspect. We meet people eye-to-eye. What you see is what you get!

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