Morten Gaardboe, Chairman of the Board

Self-employed businessman since 1991, now owner of Altru ApS. Morten is also Chairman of the board of Slagelse Erhvervscenter A/S and Svend Aage Nielsen. Autoriseret Elinstallatør A/S. In addition, he is a member of the board of Spar Nord Bank A/S.

Jens-Erik Corvinius, Board Member

Broad experience from and insight into the financial sector based on more than 42 years in the Danske Bank Group. In recent years, Jens-Erik has served as a professional board member, mainly in the property sector.

Per Mikael Jensen, Board Member

Per Mikael has worked in the media industry for 30 years, initially as a journalist, and in the last approximately 20 years he has held various management positions in the organizations of the leading daily newspapers Politiken and Jyllands-Posten. In 2006, he was appointed CEO of TV2 Danmark, and later he took over as CEO of Metro International, which was then the world’s leading news-paper publisher with operations in 23 countries. Per Mikael lived in New York and London for many years, but is now back in Denmark. He works as an advisor for business executives, company boards and business owners in Denmark and abroad.

Thomas W. Færch, CEO

Thomas is the CEO of Gefion Group and has overall responsibility for the daily operations of the company. Thomas was previously a partner in a law firm and has worked on all aspects of real estate development, business management and cash management.

(+45) 20 20 19 41

Jens Rytter, CFO

Jens is CFO at Gefion Group with the overall responsibility for the finance section of the company. Jens has extensive experience as chartered accountant with succeeding management functions in major Danish companies working with financial reporting, tax, compliance, controlling, projects etc.

(+45) 40 81 86 18

Carsten Lygum, COO

Carsten Lygum, COO

Carsten Lygum is COO of Gefion Group and is responsible for human resources. In addition, he is in charge of the practical realisation of our development projects from purchase to handover. Carsten Lygum is educated urban and construction engineer and officer in the Royal Danish Army and has worked on housing and business development, among others, for Carlsberg Byen, MT Højgaard and Sjælsø Gruppen.

(+45) 20 55 11 35

Martin Schjørring, Technical Director

Martin is the technical director of Gefion Group with responsibility for construction-related aspects of the group’s development projects. He has extensive experience from the construction industry, where he has been involved in various renovation and new build projects in large con-struction groups over the past fifteen years. He previously worked as head of section in Bonava Denmark (formerly NCC Housing), and in this capacity helped develop Bonava’s production department, which is in charge of the company’s building projects in Denmark.

(+45) 28 83 87 11

Jacob Kruse Rasmussen, Group General Counsel

Jacob is group general counsel at Gefion Group and is responsible for the Legal Department, which handles all legal aspects related to Gefion Group's real estate projects. Jacob comes recently from a position as attorney and fund manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments. Jacob has a background as a lawyer and has worked for 5 years at Kromann Reumert.

(+45) 31 64 06 88

Bjørn Opstrup Laursen, Senior Project Developer

Bjørn is Senior Project Developer in Gefion Group and works with all aspects of project development. Bjørn has an educational background from CBS and a professional background in retail at, among others, Dansk Supermarked and has recently worked on property development at Lidl Danmark.

Morten G. Fossum, Senior Project Developer

Morten is employed as a senior project developer at Gefion Group. He is originally a lawyer, but since 1989 he has worked on project development in Greater Copenhagen, including the development of housing in Ørestad, Sluseholmen, Islands Brygge, Amager Strand and Carlsberg Byen. Morten is former CEO of JM Denmark and CCO of Carlsberg Byen.

Jeppe Erikstrup Møller, Project Developer

Jeppe is Project Developer at Gefion Group and has special focus on designing municipal and local plans when developing properties. He holds an urban planner degree from the University of Copenhagen and has municipal experience as an urban planner and developer. Jeppe has previously worked with property development at DSB Ejendomme.

Anders Refvik Tindbæk, Project Developer

Anders is a project developer in Gefion Group, managing projects from start-up to handover. Anders has a BSc degree in Economics and Business Administration as well as an MSc in Strategy, Leadership and Organization from Copenhagen Business School. He has previously worked for Nykredit and Lintrup & Norgart commercial real estate agents.

Natasha Sara Damgaard, Real estate agent

Natasha is a real estate agent in Gefion Group and coordinate the rental and sale of apartments at Gefion Group. Natasha has more than 17 years of experience in the real estate and property development business and has been employed by Sjælsø Management for the past 13 years. 

(+45) 40 46 54 91

Gökhan Koca, Senior Project Manager

Gökhan Koca is senior project manager and responsible for managing various construction projects. He is a trained carpenter supplemented by project management training. Gökhan has over the past 22 years gained solid experience in the construction industry, where he has been involved in both renovation and new constructions. Furthermore, Gökhan has carried out renovation tasks at Thule AirBase, Greenland. Gökhan comes from a position as project manager in Bonava, Denmark, and has for 5 years been responsible for the construction of both townhouses and apartments as well as he has participated in various projects.

Jacob Skelbæk-Bundesen, Senior Project Manager

Jacob Skelbæk-Bundesen is senior project manager and responsible for managing various construction project. Jacob is a trained building engineer and has a solid background in the construction industry, where he has worked on both renovation and new construction. For more than 20 years, Jacob has completed construction project for Skanska Bolig, MT Højgaard and recently for Bonava Denmark, formerly NCC Bolig, where he was responsible for the implementation of several housing projects.

Niels Seiling Olsen, Senior Project Manager

Niels is senior project manager and is responsible for managing various construction projects in the Gefion Group. He is a trained carpenter and building engineer and has during the last 17 years gained a solid experience within the construction industry, where he has worked on both renovation and new construction projects. Previously, Niels worked as project manager at B. Nygaard Sørensen, where he recently built apartments as well as community houses in Carlsberg Byen and a residential property on Amager Strand.

Nikolaj Piechnik Brandt, Senior Project Manager

Nikolaj is senior project manager and is responsible for the management of various construction projects in the Gefion Group. Nikolaj has an education as a building engineer, at he has a solid background from the construction industry. For more than 18 years Nikolaj has completed construction projects for MT Højgaard and BAM at home and abroad. He has worked on constructions projects in Zambia, the Faroe Islands and Greenland for about 10 years.

Torben Birkmose Jakobsen, Construction Manager

Torben is construction manager and manages the professional processes and quality assurance of construction projects in the Gefion Group. He has a solid background with over 40 years of experience in the carpentry and construction industry. Torben comes from a position as carpenter master in B. Nygaard Sørensen A / S, where he, in addition to the responsibility for the company's carpenters and apprentices, was responsible for service cases, 1-year and 5-year reviews and quality assurance.

Jens Kjærsgaard, Property Inspector

Jens Kjærsgaard is Property Inspector in Gefion Group and supervises the operation of the company's properties, contacts to administrators, craftsmen, tenants and buyers, etc. in relation to Gefion Group's projects. He comes from Privatbo, where he has been responsible for the operation and maintenance of housing and business leases.

(+45) 22 12 32 32

Selvi Celik, Student assistant

Selvi is a student assistant in Gefion Group and coordinate time planning, quality controle and supervision of various construction projects. Selvi has several years of experience in the service industry and is currently studying to building designer at KEA.

Martin Thejl Blumensaadt Pedersen, General Counsel

Martin is inhouse general counsel and manages legal aspects of Gefion Group's real estate projects with special focus on the progress of the construction cases. Martin has recently worked as a lawyer for 3 years at Kammeradvokaten and Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith, where he has dealt with a large number of major building and construction projects.

Hanne Sehested, Marketing Manager

Hanne is head of marketing at Gefion Group working on all aspects of marketing and PR. Hanne holds a MSc in business administration and has more than 15 years of experience with marketing and PR in the property development business. Hanne has previously held positions in NCC, Sjælsø Gruppen and DTU Science Park.

Hans Junker, Financial Controller

Hans is employed as financial controller at Gefion Group and works with budgeting and finance across the development projects. Hans has an MSc in finance and accounting from Copenhagen Business School. During his studies Hans has worked in various parts of the real estate industry.

Frederik Wahlgreen , Student Assistant

Frederik is a student assistant in the Gefion Group and works with budgeting, reporting and financing. Frederik is studying HA Almen at CBS.

Christina Jakobsen, Legal Secretary

Christina is legal secretary in Gefion Group and assists Gefion Groups legal counsel on a variety of legal and administrative tasks. Christina has for more than 11 years worked as a legal secretary at i.e. Accura Law Firm in their real estate department.

(+45) 27 45 78 54

Helle Pop Hansen , Accountant

Helle is an acountant in Gefion Group and assists with the bookkeeping. Helle has many years of experience in accounting.

Elly Gad, Executive Assistant

Elly is employed as an Executive Assistant in the Gefion Group. She assists the management of Gefion Group with various administrative tasks. Elly has worked as chief secretary for over 30 years, including 6 years at North Media A / S and before that 24 years at Tryg A/S.

(+45) 30 71 30 69

Natascha Froulund, Office Assistant

Nastascha is an office assistant in Gefion Group and handles various administrative service tasks. Natascha has several years of experience in the service industry.

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