We create homes for a lifetime

Living and life are closely intertwined. A home and its surroundings set the stage for the lives we lead.

Your home is your sanctuary and at the same time, you and it are part of something bigger — A community with others. In the property, on the street, in the neighborhood, in your city.

Whether you are a young student in a dormitory, a family with children on the street, or a senior in a townhouse.

That's why we don't just build homes. We build homes for life - and wherever you are in life.

From industry to homes and life

In recent years, our cities have changed.

Industry has moved out, and people have moved in. Our homes and cities have become livable in a completely different way than before.

Gefion Group transforms plots of land and properties that were previously used for production and business into homes for people and their lives.

We do it with a sharp focus on meeting the needs that create a home and enrich the life around it.

After all, it's not us, but the people we build for, who will reside and live in our properties, dormitories, and townhouses, and in the communities, neighborhoods, and districts that our constructions create.

Dormitories, family, and senior homes

We are building in Zealand and the Copenhagen area and soon we will also be building in Jutland.

We specialize in seeing opportunities, developing properties, and constructing homes for people's different needs.

Since there is a difference in how you live your life as a student in a dormitory, as a family on a residential street, or as a senior in a townhouse.

In the end, we find the plots, we build the buildings, lease out the homes, and sell the completed properties to investors.