Homes create and shape communities

A home is a sanctuary. And at the same time, it is part of larger communities with others. A home and its surroundings contribute to shaping the lives we lead. At home, in the neighborhood, in the city. In our society.

This is something we at Gefion Group are very aware of. And we aim to contribute to more socially sustainable communities by creating dormitories, neighborhoods, and cities that are interconnected. For the people who currently live and will live there in the years to come.

We utilize anthropologists, citizen engagement, and a special dialogue program to ensure that we contribute to creating socially sustainable homes, lives, and communities.


Gefion Group aims to engage in and contribute to the society we are part of.
By creating homes, neighborhoods, and cities that support the lives and communities of the people who reside and will live there, we contribute to building a strong and cohesive society.
We actively work against corruption and bribery. Our independent board focuses on our business and how we conduct ourselves.
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At Gefion Group, we prioritize having a physically and mentally healthy work environment. We place a high emphasis on safety at our workplaces and strive to completely avoid any form of accidents.
All our employees are covered by a health scheme, and we actively work towards, and have achieved, a higher gender diversity than the majority in our industry.
In relation to customers and partners, we naturally comply with the GDPR regulations.
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Environment and Climate

Over the years, Gefion Group has converted numerous commercial properties, creating new, well-designed, and energy-efficient homes with a focus on people, their lives, and the communities we are all part of.
By repurposing existing buildings and giving them new, relevant meaning in the urban landscape, we not only contribute to sustainability, but also provide new housing opportunities. For example, we have offered thousands of students and young people a place to live in areas that are often economically inaccessible.
All our new projects are DGNB-certified, and we are a member of the Green Building Council Denmark, which helps ensure and support sustainable construction in Denmark.
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Sustainability, Community, and Responsibility

We develop our property projects based on a holistic approach, where sustainability, community, and responsibility are highly valued. A project must be thoroughly considered in relation to all three parameters in order to meet our criteria for a good investment property with long-term growth potential.

Sustainability: The Circle